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Dubuque, Iowa, is on the banks of the mighty Mississippi and proudly claims to be the place where Iowa began, and it is the three-state area where Illinois and Wisconsin meet Iowa. The Downtown District of this city is home to some of Iowa's most popular restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. Here is a list of my favorite things to do in DubUque, including some things I do in winter, some free things we do, and things the locals tell me about.

An extensive list of restaurants, including Oasis Falafel, as well as some of the most popular craft beers, wine and beer bars, and a number of local breweries.

With over 1,000 slot machines and 22 tables, don't forget the three bars, including Mississippi River Brewing Company, Mississippi State Brewing and Mississippi City Brewing. With a cozy brewery and a wide selection of craft beers, wedding parties have plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Don't be tempted by the exciting nightlife, which includes casinos, breweries, wineries and more. Enjoy a night out in one of the many bars and restaurants in downtown Dubuque, Iowa, or celebrate with a beer, wine or cocktail at a local restaurant, bar or restaurant.

Enjoy an evening in an apartment, join the happy hour crowd at Off Shore Bar & Grill or hit the nightlife with karaoke at Diving Elk, a popular nightclub in downtown Dubuque.

While Miles Inn caters to the sports crowd, Bergie's Bar is the best place in the bar for a game and a beer. While there are several different breweries in Dubuque that are worth visiting if you feel like it, there is also a good drink to try at many breweries, including Jubeck Brewing Co. and St. John's Brewing Company. If you're heading to Dubuque's Star Brewery, you might as well head to a local beer bar, such as the Great American Beer Festival.

Every Tuesday, the Backpocket Taproom pub hosts a free quiz night where you can win free beer and prizes.

If you're looking for unique free activities in Dubuque, take a tour of the locks and dams. If you want a break from the nightlife, bike along the paths or explore the capital by visiting the State Capitol Building. Attractions include the Iowa State Fair, Lake Iowa and Great Lakes National Park. You can also retire to the historic city centre to spend a night in the city sipping a beer, wine or food.

We started our list with 21 overnight stays in Iowa City, Dubuque, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Our rankings give an average of a "big deal score," with the lowest score being the one with the highest number of free events, which in this case is Iowa City.

West Des Moines has a vibrant arts scene, while Cedar Rapids is the seventh-densest city in the state and has one of the highest number of free events per capita of any Iowa city. Des Iowa City is full of bars that don't really deal with things, but it's also home to some of the best restaurants, bars and restaurants in Iowa.

I recently took a guided walk through some dubuque murals and found that many of the paintings are actually related to companies that painted them and were inspired by DubUque and the state of Iowa.

One Saturday in March, I took a trip to Iowa City, where they not only housed students from the University of Iowa, but were also scattered around downtown Dubuque. Blue Rock pianist David Zollo was also in Iowa City holding court at DaVinci's Pub.

It looks like Davenport is a real party place, and Dubuque's nightlife doesn't disappoint. Ames may have the most young people, but the nightlife is one of the benefits DubUque has from the strategy they have adopted in revitalizing a decaying river city.

The Iowa Legislature is charged with promoting and supporting creative projects that improve the lives of Iowans. The city, state and private companies have created the America River Redevelopment Project, which has made Dubuque one of the state's most successful urban redevelopment projects.

This section applies to all business operations located in the City of Dubuque, Iowa State, or any other city or county within the United States of America, and to all business operations located within 1,000 feet of a highway or other public road or bridge. This section does not apply to businesses located on or near interstate highways or federal or community roads, bridges, rivers or riverbanks.

The city of Dubuque in the State of Iowa or any other city or county within the United States of America is open daily from April to November.

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